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A Case of Knowledge Transfer – Follow-up of Sustainability Camp coorganised with Youth Square, HK and supported by UNOSSC, US, Nov, 2016.

Center for Sustainability Mindset and Social Responsibility (CSMSR, IPMI), established in June, 2016, Business School, Indonesia, is collaborating with CCSI / partenered with UNOSSC (established in March, 2015) Hang Seng Management College, HK  in developing young students to have the capability of designing flourishing business model supporting the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals
(UN SDGs).
The First Program:
Visualizing UNSDG 4 Quality of Education and 17 Partnership with collaboration across countries on exploring implementation of CSR strategy with ISO 10015 Training Guidelines, ISO 26000 CSR guidelines and SY Model of Dr Yeung assessed by SGS Certification Body, HK with the students of Executive MBA IPMI Business School class of CSR Strategies.
The Second Program
Excursion to the Thousand Island where we are conducting Community Involvement Project helping with the program of integrated marine life cultural tourism destination with activities:  coral preservation life under water, planting mangrove for the ecosystem life on land, set up cultural and tradional culinary of local communities for tourism, training tourist guide on intercultural communication to serve the multicultural guests and conduct business incubator services for local start-up business
The Third Program
Knowledge transfer to around 200 high school students on design thinking for creating a flourishing bus model by
Dr Yeung, HK.