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Entrepreneurial Spirit – From Operations to Awareness of Change

“Entrepreneurial Spirit – From Operations to Awareness of Change”
Implement Entrepreneurial Spirit in Cosmetic Retail Industry


The second event of “Learning more on Entrepreneurial Spirit” Seminar Series was held by Department of Supply Chain and Infornation Management and the Centre for Corporate Sustainability and Innovations (CCSI), Hang Seng Management College successfully concluded on 24th March, supported by United Nations Office for South-South Cooperation (UNOSSC). The theme of the seminar was “Entrepreneurial Spirit – From Operation to Awareness of Change”, designed to raise awareness and promote the importance of entrepreneurial spirits and responsibilities while highlighting the operation of an enterprise in today’s turbulent business environment. Mr. Joseph Ho Shiu-Chung, Chairman of the Cosmetic and Perfumery Association of Hong Kong Limited; Ms. Amy Chiu, CEO of Cita International Limited and Ms. Vajra Maggie Wong, Founder and Image Creative Director of Touch Up Group and Touch Up Internatioal Academy, served as guest speakers.

In the opening remarks, Dr. Shirley Yeung conveyed the main idea that “Awareness of self in a changing environment for sustainable development with design thinking and collaborations for capacity building.” Dr. Yeung has a strong belief on UNESCO strategy for technical and vocational education and training (TVET). She said, “TVET for the period 2016-2021 comes at a timely moment.” Moreover, Dr. Yeung highlighted that a balance between skills developed by young people and jobs offered in the market was needed.

Mr. Joseph Ho Shiu-Chung investigated current situation and prospect of cosmetics retail industry. Mr. Ho proposed “The New Five Power” to enhance its competitiveness through identifying competitors and implementing innovative scheme. In view of the trend of cosmetics retail industry, Mr. Ho suggested that future prospects of cosmetics retail industry should be improved and retained the talents. Professionalize of retail industry by ensuring products’ quality, providing professional services and building a reliable image was another suggestion proposed to cope with current circumstances.

Ms. Amy Chiu, CEO of CITA International Limited, explained the relationship between innovations and the development of cosmetics retail industry. Ms. Amy Chiu was an actress with a representative film named “To Love Ferrari” before developing her career into the cosmetics retail industry with her sensitivity to market. “CITA is always seeking innovative ways with an interest in the market,” Ms. Chiu said. “Speedy responses with sensitivity to the market are needed to educate customers. This is an important element for the development of the present cosmetics retail industry.” CITA International Limited aims to provide consumers with the best products. “Depend”, a household Brand name of nail polish was developed by CITA, obtained ‘Diamond Award’ (Nail Products)’ in Watsons’ Health, Wellness and Beauty Award.

Ms. Vajra Maggie Wong emphasized the importance of taking up the challenges.  Touch Up Group innovated and developed horizontal integration, and has become a unique one-stop image consultation firm in Hong Kong. “Developing new business opportunities through identifying the market demand,” said Ms. Wong. Furthermore, Ms. Wong stressed the synchronicity with professional criterion. Through re-designing curriculum, Touch Up fulfilled The Hong Kong Qualifications Framework (QF) and international professional standards.

Scarlett Oi Lan Pong, JP, Sha Tin District Councilor, attended and supported the seminar.  She mentioned that the seminar was rich in contents with dynamics, and expressed appreciation to the speakers. “They (speakers) grasped opportunities to innovate and develop during such a turbulent business environment,” said Ms. Pong. Ms. Pong shared her experiences of transforming from pharmacist to councilor and remarked “A successful transformation is driven by entrepreneurial spirit and innovation”.

“Learning more on Entrepreneurial Spirit” Seminar Series has the following goals:

1.     Develop awareness in application of innovations and entrepreneurial spirit

2.     Developthe capabilities of young people to identify entrepreneurial opportunities in relation to technology with sustainable value and responsibility for the community and society at large

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Mr. Joseph Ho (3rd in the left), Ms. Amy Chiu (4th in the left), Dr. Shirley Yeung (5th in the left), Scarlett Oi Lan Pong, JP (4th in the right), Ms. Vajra Maggie Wong (3rd in the right), Dr. Collin Wong (2nd in the right) and other guests

Mr. Joseph Ho Shiu-Chung, Chairman, The Cosmetic and Perfumery Association of Hong Kong Limited

Ms. Amy Chiu, CEO, Cita International Limited

Ms. Vajra Maggie Wong, Founder and Image Creative Director, Touch Up Group and Touch Up International Academy