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Seminar of “Entrepreneurial Spirit and Sustainable Development Mindset for Sustainable Development Goals with Design Thinking/ Technology”


Discussion on Entrepreneurial Spirit and Sustainable Development Mindset Developing South-South and Worldwide Connections.


A Seminar on “Entrepreneurial Spirit and Sustainable Development Mindset for Sustainable Development Goals with Design Thinking/ Technology” was held on 5th May 2016 at the Education Bureau, Kowloon Tong Education Services Centre in Hong Kong. The Seminar was organized by the Centre for Corporate Sustainability and Innovations (CCSI), Hang Seng Management College. Earlier this year in January 2016, CCSI signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the United Nations Office for South-South Cooperation (UNOSSC).  This event is one of envisaged activities, to strengthen outreach on sustainability mind-set in Hong Kong and create a regional network in Asia-Pacific with similar institutions thereafter. Ir. Allen Yeung Tak Bun, the Government Chief Information Officer, HKSAR; Mr. Denis Nkala, Regional Coordinator, UNOSSC, Asia Pacific and Prof. Eunice Mareth O. Areola, Dean, Graduate School and College of Business Administration and Accountancy, Colegio de San Juan De Letran, Manila, Philippines were the keynote speakers. They shared ideas regarding the “Entrepreneurial Spirit” and “Sustainable


In her opening remarks, Dr. Shirley Yeung of CCSI said Design thinking should be used in technology to enhance sustainable development mindset and entrepreneurial spirit.” According to Dr. Yeung, it is important to have sustainable quality indicators to link one level of element to the next level within an ecosystem addressing sustainable learning, cyber-wellness and digital citizenship, which help people to build sustainable behaviors.


Ir. Allen Yeung Tak Bun who has extensive experience in the ICT field, talked about two forms of innovation, the continuous and disruptive. Ir. Yeung advised the young students to follow the path of collaboration in order to achieve sustainable businesses.


Mr. Denis Nkala, conveyed the shared vision of the member states of the United nations to achieve human sustainability and sustainability of the planet Earth. He mentioned that human sustainability covers economic, environmental and social aspects. He linked up technological innovation and sustainability, noting that technology can support sustainability or threaten it depending on how it is used. He gave an example of how leapfrogging with technology can in fact lead to unsustainable economic development. On the other hand technology can be used to address the most urgent issues of our time including global warming, youth unemployment and depletion of natural resources.


Prof. Eunice Mareth O. Areola put forward a business model of design thinking in entrepreneurial teaching and learning institutions with elements of knowledge and value creation for community advancement. 


CCSI took the opportunity to present the World Plaza Engineering Innovative Sustainable Community Award 2015. Mr. Samson Chan, one of the awardees, shared his experience and said, “This award improved my communication and observation skills, specially the practical application of empathy.” Furthermore, CCSI and UNOSSC collaborate to achieve mutual goals and provide platform for students in promoting Sustainable Development. Students were encouraged to have their own video-shooting related to Sustainable Development. After a few months of effort, student video team was glad to present their video to the public during the seminar.
The video is meaningful.


The 2-hour seminar attracted over 50 enthusiastic participants including secondary students, Hang Seng Management College students and teachers, and the private sector. “This last event now affirms the CCSI’s vision to engage the public both regionally and globally”, said Dr. Yeung, the Director of CCSI.

The seminar followed closely on the consultations between MoU Partners (UNOSSC and CCSI) with various institutions in Hong Kong towards enabling the MoU vision to reach out with Hong Kong experiences at the Regional level. Ms Doris Luey, Executive Director of Youth Square and her team were open to the use of facilities for a Youth forum or expo in November 2016. Youth Square is an organization and structure to support youth development in Hong Kong. It is supported by the Government of Hong Kong.


Mr. Justin Li, Assistant Director, Environmental and Sustainability, Construction Industry Council was also interviewed. He shared his vision on how the construction industry can contribute to sustainability. The discussion took place at the Zero Carbon Building, a clear example of technological innovation to prevent carbon emissions into the atmosphere. Both Youth Square and the Construction Industry Council were interested in participating in the South-South Global Expo in November to relay their experiences.


Group photo

Ir. Allen Yeung Tak Bun, the Government Chief Information Officer, HKSAR

Mr. Denis Nkala, Regional Coordinator, UNOSSC, Asia Pacific

Dr. Shirley Yeung, Director, CCSI

Dr. Shirley Yeung (left) presented souvenir to Ir. Allen Yeung (right)

Dr. ShirleyYeung (1st in the left), Mr. Denis Nkala (2nd in the left) and Ir. Allen Yeung (1st in the right) presented Innovative Community Award to the winner of HSMC BBA-Supply Chain Management student

Award winner (BBA-SCM Student of HSMC) shared experience with participants

Secondary school students joined the seminar

Representative (BBA Student of HSMC) of video production team of CCSI shared experience with participants